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Firearm Transfers

I do transfers for $20 per firearm. Active duty military and law enforcement officers’ fee is zero... free. This is far cheaper than any other FFL around, and for that $20 I don't do a lot of extras!

Pay the seller for the gun. Get the sellers email address to me; this is the only way I send my FFL. My FFL billing address has been redacted so if the seller has an issue with that, I can't do the transaction.

I can receive firearm shipments from non-FFL's. Handguns CANNOT be shipped by a non-FFL via USPS, however UPS, FedEx, etc is allowed. I need a photocopy of the shippers ID included in the box for my Acquisitions/Dispositions book.

MAKE SURE YOUR NAME AND PHONE # IS INCLUDED IN THE SHIPMENT! If your # is in the box I will call you - if not I will not search you out. If you wish to contact me via email about a gun transfer. Please send those emails to: 762FFL@gmail.com. Store policy on transfers will be (beginning immediately) that any gun not picked up after 30 days will be charged an extra $5 / month.
After 90 days it becomes store property.

ATF and IA regs - you must have a photo ID with current address for all transfers. Alternate, supporting document showing current address is acceptable IF it is issued from a government agency; local, state or federal.

Handguns require IA residency and an IA Sheriff-issued permit card. Any firearm that falls into the "other" category requires IA residency and an IA Sheriff-issued permit card: this includes stripped receivers.

Thank you,
Dave Ruble